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Pit bulls can be heros too!  Ace the pit bull saves deaf child from burning to death in house fire!

Despite the bad rep of the breed, most Pit Bulls are just gentle, big hearted goof balls.  

Some of the best dogs with the biggest hearts that I’ve ever met have been Pit Bulls. I am not a fan of Breed Specific Restrictions.  It’s not the dog; it’s the owner.

Some people should never be allowed to own a dog! Officers from the Culver City Police Department are being commended for the heroic measures they took to save a seriously ill dog they found dumped on the street. Lt. Randy Vickrey’s team was responding to the call they had received about a drunk driver who […]

This is why I cringe whenever I  see a dog in the back of a truck: A young pit bull has found a loving home after being ejected from a truck speeding through an intersection in Roseville, California. The truck Tundra was riding in began to slow down as the light turned yellow, but then […]