Pet Sitting
You'll leave town with peace of mind. We're your pet sitter in Vancouver and Richmond.

Once a Day

Twice a Day

We visit your home once. Great for cats and other independent pets. Our basic no frills pet sitting plan. We come by once in the morning and once at night. Our most popular pet sitting plan.



One 30 minute visit.

Two 30 minute visits.

You’ll leave with peace of mind knowing your pets are getting the best care possible.

Meet us First

Fresh Food & Water

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got it covered. While you’re gone we’ll be sure your pets are well cared for. Your pets will get fresh food and water every day.

Daily Play and Attention

We should have to pay you for this part. We’ll play with your pets and give them the love and attention they need, just like if you were home.

Medications and Vitamins

Do your pets need medication administered each day? If you hire us as your pet sitter you can count on us to make sure they get the right medication at the right time each day.

Your Home will look Lived-in

We’ll pick up your mail and newspaper, cycle lights on and off and even water your plants if you like. Did you leave your curling iron on? Yeah, we’ve done that. Give us a call and we’ll unplug it for you. We’ve got you covered while you’re gone.

Vancouver and Richmond

We provide dog walking and pet sitting services throughout Vancouver and Richmond.

How you Pay

We accept cash and  cheques.