Why hire a dog walker?

From the largest of Great Danes to the tiniest of Chihuahuas, your dog can reap countless benefits from regular dog walking.

Dogs are active and social creatures by nature. By establishing a daily walking routine, you give your dog the chance to channel this energy in a very positive way. Active dogs are generally happy, well-adjusted dogs. Many times, just simply showing a dog his leash will send him into a frenzy of excitement. And, trying to contain that enthusiasm is next to impossible.

There are many physical benefits for your dog. Obviously, walking is a great form of exercise that improves blood flow to the heart and oxygen to the lungs, builds strong muscles, increases joint mobility, increases energy levels and helps control weight. The list goes on and on…

But, dog walking also has many emotional benefits that are often overlooked. It provides mental stimulation, social interaction, and positive reinforcement. It can also build self confidence, decrease behavioral issues, and improve a dog’s mood.

Many of the behavioral problems that we encounter with our dogs are due to frustration and built up energy. Meeting a dog’s basic needs, in particular physical exertion and something to focus on, is the key to tackling these kinds of problems.

Regular dog walking will give you a healthier, happier pet.

Why should my dog walker be licensed, insured, and bonded?

Soggy Doggy is a professional business registered in BC and licensed in Vancouver and Richmond. We follow the highest business ethics and legal requirements.

We also carry specific pet sitters’ commercial liability insurance through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC which covers bodily injury or property damage as well as loss, injury or death of your animal or the involved animal, limited emergency veterinary care, and lost key replacement.

We also have an expanded bonded policy through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, which means we are covered if Soggy Doggy is at fault for negligence in your home.

All of these important business policies, bonding, and insurance guarantee that you are working with a professional business with strict ethics, principles and values. Copies of our licenses and policies if you want more details.

Why hire Soggy Doggy?

We offer professional and experienced services with love and always put the needs of your dog first.

Our group walks are limited to 4-6 dogs. We are as concerned as you about the health and well-being of your dog and our aim is to bring home a happy and relaxed pet at the end of each work day.

We are affordable and flexible, fun, and punctual and are life-long learners when it comes to dogs.

We strive to provide information, convenience and value to all our clients.

I have decided to hire Soggy Doggy – What’s next?

Please call Jonathan Archer at 604-417-3464 during business hours or send an email to info@soggydoggy.ca to schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to answer all your questions immediately and we look forward to serving you!

Your consultation will include:

  • Completion of information summary for all your dogs
  • Getting your questions answered
  • Determine a walking schedule that meets you and your dogs needs
  • You getting to know us and us getting your know your dog

What requirements does my dog have to meet?

Soggy Doggy accepts dogs based on the following requirements:

  • City dog license
  • Vaccinations up to date
  • Spayed & Neutered (pack walks only)
  • No history of aggression towards people or other dogs

What are your services and fees and how do I pay?

Please refer to our Services page
for more detail on services offered.

Soggy Doggy accepts cash and cheques.

How do you get in and out of my home?

You can supply Soggy Doggy with a key to your home or you let us know what feels the most comfortable for you. We are open to all suggestions and requests. We are bonded and fully insured.

House keys will have a coded label and will be kept in a secure location at all times. In the unlikely event that we lose your key, our liability insurance will cover re-keying your home.

Will my dog get dirty?

Adventure is dirty business. We request that you have a few dog towels by your door for an extra scrub down. We will wipe your companion down as best we can with our own towels. If your dog is really dirty we request that you supply us with a space where we can safely leave your dog so that he will not soil your home.

Will my dog be off leash?

Not necessarily. We start all dogs on a long line so they can get used to the routine and to allow us to accurately determine their recall ability. Once we are confident in this ability, your dog will be allowed the privilege of running free within the pack.

When do you walk?

Soggy Doggy walks weekday mornings and afternoons. Walks on weekends and holidays are available by special arrangement.

What is your seasonal weather policy?

We are lucky to live in a temperate climate.

Soggy Doggy will walk your doggy rain or shine, snow, or slush.

On those rare times we face extreme weather – above 35° or below -10° – Soggy Doggy will take extra care to ensure the well-being and safety of your dog.

What is your cancellation policy?

Soggy Doggy requires 24 hours notice of cancellation.

After two cancellations, you will be charged for the walk.

If you require an emergency walk please give us as much notice as you are able. We will try and accommodate you as best we can.

Will my dog be safe with you?

During the walk all dogs are continually receive positive behavior reinforcements. No only does this increases their listening and responding ability, it also helps Soggy Doggy increase control of the pack(in a group setting). For example, call phrases like “Wait” and “On/Off Trail” are used to increase the safety of the group during their hike.

We are pet First Aid certified and trained in DogSafe’s Operation Find Fido to ensure a smooth group dynamic and handle unexpected challenges that may arise while on the walk.

  • Dog Walking

  • Private 30 Minutes
  • $25 Pay as you go
  • $225 Prepaid 10 pack
  • $425 Prepaid 10 pack
  • Private 60 Minutes
  • $33 Pay as you go
  • $298 Prepaid 10 pack
  • $564 Prepaid 10 pack
  • Small Group 1 Hour Adventure
  • $22 Pay as you go
  • $200 Prepaid 10 pack
  • $390 Prepaid 20 pack
  • Small Group 2 Hour Adventures
  • $30 Pay as you go
  • $280 Prepaid 10 pack
  • $540 Prepaid 20 pack
  • Dog Walking Service >>
  • Pet Sitting

  • Just Once
  • $21+GST/day. One visit.
  • Twice a Day
  • $40+GST/day. Two visits.
  • Doggy Boarding
  • $50+GST/day. @our place.
  • Pet Sitting Service >>
  • Contact Us

  • Should you have any questions about our Dog Walking or Pet Sitting services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
  • 604-417-3464
  • info@soggydoggy.ca