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Some Golden Retrievers are more ball crazy than others.

I don’t that I’ve ever met a Boston Terrier that wasn’t a total character.

A cute puppy enjoys a sunny day here in one of Richmond’s parks.

Owners of short muzzle breeds like English Bulldogs need to take extra care to ensure that their dog doesn’t overheat in the hot weather like we’ve been having in the Lower Mainland this summer.

All puppies, even those that seem to come with no ‘off’ switch like Corgis, need their down time!

This is a pic of a Tibetan Mastiff. Supposedly they’re a rare breed but one lives down the street from me here in Richmond.

Living in such an urban environment as we do here in Vancouver, I often hear of owners who have dogs who bark when left being advised not to go back into the room until the dog has stopped barking. This is good advice, as we don’t want the dog to think that barking makes the […]

You’ll find that, over time, I’ll be posting a lot a pictures of basset hounds. Here at Soggy Doggy, they’re my favourite breed!

As the heat wave here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland continues, here comes a story out of England about the dangers of leaving your dog in a parked car on a hot day…. even with the windows open! A panicking dog left inside a car in sweltering heat was rescued after it set off […]

So you’re looking for a dog walker.   There a certainly a lot of them here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a dog walker: Dog walkers provide a valuable service for dog owners who are always on the go or who have busy work schedules […]