Monthly Archives: January 2014

Too true!

Not something you see every day:

A Cane Corso puppy.  Corsos have a bit an undeserved bad rep (cuz they’re big, fearsome looking, and often black). I say look to the owner to see the problem.

Here’s a dog that does whatever her master wants her to do, whether it means backing herself up a tree, rolling herself in a blanket, crossing her paws a particular way, or playing the drums.

Definitely not photoshopped

Ooops (expletive deleted), there he goes again!” Sounds like the frustrated human companion of a canine door-darter – a dog who slips out the tiniest crack of an open door every chance he gets. Frustrating for the human, dangerous for the dog, who likely romps around the neighborhood just out of his owner’s reach. Here […]

You ain’t seen nothing til you’ve seen a basset hound running in slow motion:

Just a basset looking derpy as usual.