Who rules the roost? You or your puppy?

When it comes to dogs, there is one simple rule to remember: You’re the boss!

Time out

If the puppy exceeds the acceptable level of play, Yelp OW! and act totally insulted, walk away, or put him in his crate or in another room for a time-out. DO NOT LET THE SITUATION ESCALATE, (i.e.: the puppy bites, you correct; the puppy bites harder, you correct harder; puppy bites harder still, etc.) If the play gets out of hand, the pup gets overstimulated or angry, all play stops abruptly. The pup must never feel his personal safety is threatened. He must trust you, like he did his own mom.


Puppies need rules. Rules that are fair and consistently enforced will provide boundaries and limits.

Children can’t have everything they want, and neither can puppies. Be a good puppy parent. Don’t let your puppy rule the house. You wouldn’t let a bratty toddler climb on you or visitors or steal food right out of your hand, so don’t let your puppy believe it’s okay either. If you told your four-year-old child that he couldn’t have a candy bar and he threw a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store, would you give in? Of course not. By giving him the candy bar, you would reward the tantrum and ensure that it would happen again – and next time it would be worse!

Playing nice includes being careful with your teeth!

Playing nice includes being careful with your teeth!