Pet spaniel that was so hungry it ate an UMBRELLA!

Some people simply shouldn’t own a dog as this story out of England shows:

A pet dog was starved by its owners to the point where it tried to eat an umbrella to stave off hunger.

Paddy, a two-year-old black spaniel, was so malnourished that he weighed just nine kilograms when he began to chew on the black plastic brolly in a desperate bid for sustenance.

Rachael Pugsley, 37, and her husband Richard, 38 reluctantly took their pet to a vet when they found the tattered umbrella and realised what had happened.

Staff became suspicious when, after being told that Paddy needed a £1,000 operation to remove parts of the umbrella from his intestine, Mrs Pugsley left the dog with the vet.

She said she need to talk about the cost of the operation with her husband and would return in ‘ten minutes’.

She never came back, forcing the RSPCA to launch an investigation.

Inspectors said that Paddy would have ‘died a slow and painful death’ if experts had not intervened, Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard.

The Pugsleys, who have three children and two other dogs, were summoned to court twice in August of this year but failed to show.

They finally attending a hearing on October 17 when they were fined and ordered to carry out community service.