Dogs save life of anorexic woman

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of anecdotes about how animals have saved their owners from committing suicide. Here’s an uplifting story out of England(by the way 1 stone = 14 pounds):


Tipping the scales at just four-and-a-half stone, 35-year-old anorexic Tricia Webb’s life was in serious danger.

But her 20-year battle against the eating disorder was given a boost when she adopted four Cavalier King Charles spaniels, which she says, gave her a reason to live.

Now, she has turned her life around and has gained three stone – all thanks to the dogs, named Tyler, Bodie, Max and Sam.

‘My dogs are my life – they brought me back from the dead,’ explains the recovering anorexic who hails from Middlesbrough.

‘Without their regular visits, and their compassion and love, I simply wouldn’t have made it. They were my goal from beginning to end – to see them and to stay alive for them.’

Tricia, who has owned the dogs, all aged between seven and nine years old, even told concerned doctors that she knew she would pull through because of her cherished canines.

‘When I was in hospital, the doctors would ask me “what’s your goal or reason for recovery?” I would always say ‘my dogs are my goal’.”

Tricia now weighs seven stone and has been out of hospital for a year – the longest she has ever managed without an admission.”