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I find this story almost unbelieveable but apparently it’s true. Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite dog breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is at risk of disappearing, Britain’s Kennel Club breeders’ association has warned. Known for their short legs and yappy voices, the herding dogs have been favoured by the British monarchy since the 1930s and the […]

Back in the day, dogs used to have to work for a living!

Pretty much everyone has heard of Labradoodles.  They’re pretty much everywhere these days! But what about other doodles?   What happens when you cross the Poodle with some other breed? Click here to find out….  In the meantime check out this pic of the St. Berdoodle:

No matter what the situation Pugs always look cute!

Dogs and children both require a lot of attention, so when they interact with each other, sometimes things can get complicated. If you follow a very simple checklist, you can prevent dangerous situations and your pets and kids can get along well. Keep in mind that this list is aimed at older kids about three […]

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and that can mean plenty of visitors to your house. The question is, how do you keep your dog calm and behaving appropriately during the festivities? Creating a preparedness plan for your dog prior to the season can help make holiday get-togethers less stressful for you, your dog and […]

Despite the bad rep of the breed, most Pit Bulls are just gentle, big hearted goof balls.  

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of anecdotes about how animals have saved their owners from committing suicide. Here’s an uplifting story out of England(by the way 1 stone = 14 pounds): Tipping the scales at just four-and-a-half stone, 35-year-old anorexic Tricia Webb’s life was in serious danger. But her 20-year battle against the […]

Breeds, like the Samoyed, need regular grooming.