How clever is your dog

Many people have will have read Stan Coren’s seminal work, “The Intelligence of Dogs.” It’s a great book but the problem that I have with it and other such works is that a dog’s ability to respond to verbal commands is used as sole indicator of intelligence.

That’s why Border Collies are always at the top and Afghan and Basset Hounds are right at the bottom.  As an owner of two Bassets I can most certainly agree that their ability to follow verbal commands is just about nil.  However ask them to do anything that involves smelling(ie following a scent) and they excel.

The Daily Mail in the UK has just published an article, “How Clever is YOUR Dog?”  about  Check it out!

Is your dog really as dopey as it seems, or is it just playing dumb to get its own way? Have you ever wondered why your pet runs round in circles, or barks at random things? It could be all down to their personality type.

The Dognition site, based in North Carolina, uses questionnaires and games to help dog owners determine how empathetic their pet is, how clever it is at solving problems, whether it is choosing to ignore you or genuinely doesn’t know what you’re saying, and more.

Dogs are assigned personality types with character traits and these can be compared to other dogs of the same breed, age and size, as well as other breeds.

It can be used by owners to learn more about how their dog thinks, train their pet more effectively or help decide which breed of dog to get next, for example.

Pet owners begin by filling out a personality questionnaire about their dog, including whether it is well-behaved, whether it listens to instructions, how it responds to being left alone or told off and so on.