Apartments, condos, and dogs

Are you living in an apartment? Love dogs? A lot of people protest that it isn’t fair or “right” to keep a dog in a city apartment. Their arguments include that there isn’t enough inside or outside space for the dog. I think that this belief is an over-generalization not to mention an oversimplification about life in the city.




As city-dwelling pet parents know, there’s a lot more to it than that and that having a dog in the city is in fact doable. For one thing, the size of the dog and their relative energy needs make a big difference in your decision making of choosing a pet for an apartment.


Having a Siberian Husky or a Great Dane in a tiny apartment may not be easiest or the best decision, for instance. Similarly, loud dogs like Beagles and Basset Hounds may not be your best bet if you have neighbors in close quarters. Also keep in mind breeds that require a significant amount of exercise such as Jack Russell Terriers and herding breeds such as Australian Shepherds. But quite a few dog breeds do spectacularly well in apartments or small houses.


Some of these breeds recommended for pet-parents living in apartments include:



Cities have dog parks and dog beaches where you can take your dog to get exercise and socialization. You and also walk your dog in the city parks, where you’ll have to keep your dog on-leash but you can still walk around and get that much-needed exercise.


What it all boils down to is the care that you show your pet – whether they’re getting enough exercise, affection and training. Having a dog as a member of your family and living in a small space with little or no yard can be a challenge you can easily conquer with a bit of planning – and of course a lot of love.