Monthly Archives: October 2013

Some of the best dogs with the biggest hearts that I’ve ever met have been Pit Bulls. I am not a fan of Breed Specific Restrictions.  It’s not the dog; it’s the owner.

I’m a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to my dogs.  I’ve never dressed up any of my dogs for Halloween.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a good costume. Here are some of the best I’ve seen online:

A Golden Retriever looking particularly angelic.

As dogs start getting older, signs of their age tend to begin to show. One thing that a lot of dogs will face in their lifetime is a loss of hearing.  Most owners who have hearing dogs don’t fully realize that a good amount of their dogs will have hearing loss at some point in […]

Whoever said “dogs like routine” was right, but I think he/she has been misinterpreted. Some people feed their dogs the same food and walk them in the same place every single day – partly, I think, because “dogs like routine.” Dogs do like to be fed and walked everyday, perhaps even around the same times […]

All dogs – even Great Danes – are lap dogs at heart!

Dogs lean on people for all kinds of reasons, depending on the dog and the exact situation. The following are just three of many possibilities: The dog leans on people for affection. The dog leans on people for security. The dog lean on people for control. Reasons your dog leans on you There are plenty […]

A French Bulldog looking cute.  If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t need all that much exercise, this is the breed for you! If you’re thinking of getting a Frenchie, be sure to check out the Vancouver French Bulldog Meetup Group.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw a guy driving around with what looked like a full-grown springer spaniel in his lap. I wasn’t worried about the dog, but I was worried about the driver causing an accident. It irritates me when I see drivers with dogs of any size in their laps. It’s not […]