Rainy season
One muddy dog in Vancouver BC

One muddy dog in Vancouver BC

It’s hard to believe but it’s nearly fall here in Vancouver and that means rain!

I love walking dogs – I’ll walk them whatever the weather, as long as it’s safe to do so, but rainy weather does bring the dreaded mud into our lives (and homes!).

I try my best to clean each dog off before they come home.  Many dogs object to being towelled clean – sometimes with teeth (if I’m nipped I stop cleaning!), usually with wriggling and trying to run away, and will often sit on one back leg and refuse to move, so they get 3 clean legs and one still mucky. Some dog breeds have been bred for looks or temperament and not for weather resistant fur. This can lead to a dog that mud simply clings to.  So sometimes, despite my very best efforts, your dog will have to return a dog home a little muddy!

I really appreciate that no-one wants to come home to a muddy dog or house, but owning a dog and having off lead walks in the park in rainy weather does mean they will run through puddles, streams and ditches. I avoid ponds and known rivers, but heavy rain often leads to new streams and ponds appearing almost overnight! If you leave towels out, I’ll have one last wipe before I leave. I’ll happily leave dogs in easily cleaned areas instead of living rooms or bedrooms, close doors and gates inside the house, or go in the back door if it helps.