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If you have a large breed dog, you will hear about hip dysplasia, but the odds that someone will talk to you about ACL injuries are quite low. There are at least three reasons why you should learn about ACL injuries in dogs. 1. There are things you can do to minimize the risk. 2. […]

Normal, social dogs growl, bark and snap. It’s their way of communicating. Growling is not bad.   My basset Charlotte is the most gentle dog I know, but she will growl at other dogs when appropriate, like when a puppy won’t stop biting her jowls or when a dog won’t stop humping her at the […]

It looks like this Labrador has had quite enough of being out and about!

It’s sometimes impossible to live with a dog that has “separation anxiety.” A loud or destructive dog creates stress for everyone in the house, costs extra money and ruins good relationships with neighbors.   Well-meaning dog lovers aren’t always aware of a dog’s anxiety issues before adopting or fostering, and this can lead to big […]

Rottweilers have gained a bit of a bad rep over the last few years. I don’t know exactly why. I think it’s more because they big and black than any flaw in the breed. As a big dog, they do need to be well exercised and well trained. Behavior that might be excused in a […]

1. Accept your dog’s personality. Love your shy dog for who he is. Each dog has a different personality. Some are quiet. Some like to socialize in small groups. Some feel anxious in new areas or around new people. I’m pretty much describing myself here! I’m a shy person, and people try to change that […]

1. Work on your dog’s overall obedience skills. Most of you know this, but the general dog-owning population doesn’t. Dogs with solid obedience skills have more confidence and self-control. People wonder how they can stop a dog’s separation anxiety or stop a dog’s whining, and it all comes down to obedience. If you can get […]

Any dog, no matter how well mannered or otherwise gentle, will turn destructive if not exercised!