Monthly Archives: August 2013

Dalmations are a great breed but the breed has a lot of health problems. Choose a breeder with a care!

Working breeds like Huskies are happiest with lots of exercise. Training them to pull wagons and the like is even better!

Happy National Dog Day! Have you hugged your dog today?

My, what big teeth you have!

A cute little ditty that should be a hit with the kid set!

Some people should never be allowed to own a dog! Officers from the Culver City Police Department are being commended for the heroic measures they took to save a seriously ill dog they found dumped on the street. Lt. Randy Vickrey’s team was responding to the call they had received about a drunk driver who […]

I think the groomer went a bit overboard in giving this mini Eskimo a summer trim!

This is why I cringe whenever I  see a dog in the back of a truck: A young pit bull has found a loving home after being ejected from a truck speeding through an intersection in Roseville, California. The truck Tundra was riding in began to slow down as the light turned yellow, but then […]

Some Golden Retrievers are more ball crazy than others.

My little boy is very afraid of dogs. How can I fix this? It’s a good question. I grew up with dogs and never had a bad experience with one and so I was never scared. Other parents aren’t so lucky but Amberly McAteer at the Globe and Mail has some advice on how to […]