Don’t leave your dog in a parked car II

As the heat wave here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland continues, here comes a story out of England about the dangers of leaving your dog in a parked car on a hot day…. even with the windows open!

Don't leave your car in a parked car

Don’t leave your car in a parked car

A panicking dog left inside a car in sweltering heat was rescued after it set off the vehicle’s alarm.

The dog had been left in the back of a blue Chrysler people carrier next to the seafront in Exmouth, Devon, for around an hour as temperatures soared to 30C on Friday afternoon.

Witnesses said it was yelping and barking to be let out of the car, where the front windows were only slightly open, and that it had no water.

A police officer smashed the back window of the car after being called by a dog warden at around 1.15pm.

They cooled the dog with wet towels to calm it down before lifting it out.

As soon as it was released it ‘went nuts’, according to one onlooker, but later relaxed and appeared to have no lasting damage.

Richard Benford, who witnessed the incident, said: ‘A lady who appeared to be some sort of animal warden climbed through the small smashed window to get the dog, which was brave because it could have bitten her.

‘The dog was clearly distressed and hard to handle. They put wet towels on it before it was calm enough to push through the window.

‘It was clearly traumatised and went out of control. It was shocking.